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Cinema Bluster

Sep 25, 2016

Recorded Sunday September 25th, Episode 10 will include discussions on Childhood of a Leader, the documentary Weiner, news, trailers, and other films we watched. This week's show is brought to you by Kentucky Kaiju. Part art book, part monster manual, Kentucky Kaiju is the ultimate field guide to the kaiju of the bluegrass state: from 29 foot beavers roaming the forests of Black Gold, KY, to a gigantic robot that fell from another galaxy to Future City. With detailed drawings done by the talented Justin Stewart and Tressina Bowling, and kaiju stats penned by Shawn Pryor, this book lets you uncover all the monsters hidden in the hills of Kentucky without leaving the safety of your home. Coming soon from Apex Publications, Kentucky Kaiju is available for preorder now at and Amazon.